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Please understand; when the guys who became RINGS began working on cars, we had no idea the need we are tapping into. 17% of the labor force in Calhoun County lack the means to drive to work, church, or the hospital. We pray that someday everyone will have dependable transportation to chase God in their lives and care for their families a little better. We get many, many applications for each car we giveaway. In 2022 we gave away 20 cars but had 200+ applicants. I apologize, but we will not be contacting applicants who will not be receiving RINGS cars. Please continue to use all your determination and strength in finding a vehicle.

I will tell you this; multiple strong recommendation letters from Battle Creek area entities (nonprofits, churches, schools, teachers, pastors, employers) on your behalf go a long way in helping us discern who is the next vehicle recipient. It also helps to be complete and share as much as you can in your application so that the board can fully know your situation and your heart.

Thank you for understanding, God bless you all, Brian

RINGS Rehabbed Vehicle Application Form

Please fill out the following application form completely for consideration and vetting purposes regarding a future RINGS rehabbed vehicle giveaway. Any information you provide will be held in confidence and not shared outside of the RINGS governing board.

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